Fluffy, the little fox: And the search for sleep – Hardcover


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The sleep aid for children.

Does your child not find its way to sleep? Fluffy, the little fox, helps you to establish evening routines and rituals so that your child can fall asleep better.

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Falling asleep is not always easy.

Fluffy, the little fox, knows this all too well.

That’s why he journeys out into the world every night in search of sleep. He meets up with his animal friends, visits different places and becomes sleepier and sleepier until he can drift off to dreamland in his cuddly warm bed.

Fluffy fox wants you to join him on his night-time journey because everything is better when done together – even falling asleep.

This children's book is a sleep aid, primarily for children, but it can also help adults who have difficulty falling asleep. Based on established techniques from the fields of psychology, neurolinguistic programming and dream journeying, it aims to help our beloved little ones ease into sleep in a stress-free environment without distractions.

It also contains a guide with reading tips on the methods mentioned inside, as well as a chapter for the optimization of the surrounding conditions when using the book and its chapters. With the help of the journey through the world at night, you can turn the event of your child going-to-bed into a peaceful, uncomplicated ritual that is individually tailored to your child's needs.

The Story:

The idea for the story came about one evening when my son couldn’t fall asleep – again.

Night after night, the tale of Fluffy, the little fox, gradually took shape, and I decided to commit it to paper.

The story originally written only for my son eventually developed into a little book, which was later brought to life with lovely illustrations.

The magic continues to this day and we would now like to share it with all the wonderful parents, grandparents, siblings and others who are experiencing similar situations at bedtime.

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