Fluffy, the little fox

And the search for sleep


The problem with falling asleep

Falling asleep is an important topic in child development – especially in the first years of life..

Even newborns and toddlers already perceive rituals, narratives and intonation subconsciously in their very own way.

The goal is long-term added value, just give it a try.

What´s inside

A lovingly designed and climate neutrally printed hardcover or eBook

Fluffy is not just a picture book or a read-aloud, but combines elements from both worlds in one unique bedtime story.

The children’s book is based on knowledge from the fields of psychology, neurolinguistic programming and dream travel

By describing the techniques and giving proper insights on how to use them, there is a great level of individualisation available

A pleasant subdivision into small stories for short reading sessions

The ideal gift idea for new parents, family and friends with children between 0-5 years of age

Sleep Aid available as

Hardcover & eBook

Fluffy, the little fox: And the search for sleep – Hardcover

The sleep aid for children.

Does your child not find its way to sleep? Fluffy, the little fox, helps you to establish evening routines and rituals so that your child can fall asleep better.

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About the Author


Timo Pekx actually works in the IT industry, but even as a child he enjoyed writing short stories and giving them out to family and friends. When he became a dad in 2016, he rediscovered his love of writing and began to craft stories again, this time for his son. As a father, he understands the everyday worries and needs of parents when it comes to getting their children to fall asleep. His stories are influenced both by his own experiences as a dad and the wise thoughts of his wife, Laura, a trained educator, who contributes her professional support to the stories. Timo Pekx lives with his family in Kerken, on the Lower Rhine.

Timo Pekx

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